Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Linux - the new era of tiny computers


There's the new computer on top of my main machine.  Of course, I can jam in a lot of huge disks in it, so the old one also acts as a disk farm, but the new one is super-fast with 250gb.  Of course, don't even think of taking it apart.  These are now as small as android tv boxes, and I'm using it for spare processing, and Zoneminder security camera monitoring.

The reviews say it is very fast for games, but I won't do that.  If I must game, then its Google Stadia, but I generally give up in 10 minutes, and my 'clench factor' throws my back out.  Wine is better.


Neil T said...

OMG... A Linux sandal. Do you have a clip on ginger beard as well?

Harold Asmis said...

I would have thought that you are the escapee from popular operating systems. :)

Neil T said...

Nope... MS Visual Studio.Net etc... Sorry. Command lines drive me nuts.