Thursday, August 18, 2022

We may no longer have any geophysics

 Two charts I rely on, are under greta pressure to fold up their tents, and go.  They appear later and later, and I send reminders, always two days later than before.  I must be the only one in the world that looks at them.  Even the physics guy just goes with the mob think.

In my imagination, I would like to show you how the Arctic ice is becoming quite thick again, and how Antarctica has never changed temperature.  However, that goes against all the news.

If we soon have no geophysics, then all we can do is stare out the window at 40 below, and listen to the lame explanations on how it is really hot out there, and all the glaciers are melting.  If nobody asks 'What the heck?", then nobody deserves an answer.  

ps.  all the old grumpy physics people are gone.  I'm in contact with fresh, new young things.  blah.

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