Friday, October 18, 2019

No atmospheric plume is going above the 49th parallel

If you ever wanted confirmation that gretagirl is going to freeze her buns up north, then this is it.  All the the plumes are cutting off halfway to the North Pole.  The cause is a lack of heat energy on the north side of the world.

If the Pacific is hot, then we normally get plumes up to the Yukon.  This gives us fine snow coming from the North West.  Not happening right now.  Of course, this pattern could change tomorrow, but most likely will not, because of no heat.

I've read that Montreal has created our first lowland glacier by dumping all its snow into an old quarry.  The snow did not all melt this year.  Next year it will be bigger and start to flow.

ps.  the Arctic ice volume curve is pointing almost straight up.  If the media loved physics, then we would have the headline "Arctic Ice Volume Increases at Fastest Rate in 50 Years!".  I made that up about 50 years, the records only go back a short time.

pps.  Oct 21.  An Atlantic plume has broken through, up north.

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