Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The Decline of the Seychelles

In a while I'll tell the story of our fun trip, but right now I'm in an Economist gloomy mood.

First of all, I think tourism is sustainable here, in that one more tourist doesn't make any bad things happen.  As opposed to Venice where one more tourist stomps it one more inch into the sea.  So, you can visit without guilt.

However, they are living in their past, like the UK.  There is not a speck of living coral left.  And the beaches are too thin to have beach volleyball.  All of this has nothing to do with tourists.  The coral is all dead from nitrogen poisoning caused by a dense population.  We caught some good fish, but the whole Indian Ocean is uncontrolled and over-fished.

But the people are great and it could be something, except for being stuck in the mud.  Next article will be the fantasy of being on a boat for a week.  We didn't do any harm and we injected money into the economy.

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