Monday, October 21, 2019

Bruce nuclear waste deep black hole

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There is nothing more dead than the search for a nuclear waste repository in Canada.  I think it's generally dead all over the world.  There were the glory days, before Germany stopped all nuclear power and became slaves to Russia.  I remember them well.

All rationality is lost here, since the most important thing is to find a community that wants this crap.  And 'low level' is exactly the same as 'high level' because the low level radioactivity is more mobile than uranium or plutonium.

The current state (in stasis) is that gung-ho young warriors want the Bruce site which is the worst rock in the world.  And since both organizations are exactly the same, the high-level people want in, as well.

The true meaning of 'worst rock' means that it cannot be built.  All of this is wonderful posturing, giving bureaucrats lots of work.  I'll probably be dead before we even go to the next step.

ps.  once the concept of carbon warming is buried under the advancing walls of ice, we will find we don't need nuclear, and that our natural gas is sufficient.

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