Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Become a Geophysicist - Part 1

The warmie curtain is slowly opening because of the cold, and behind, we find an old man desperately churning out stories whenever anything new is discovered.  This is 'Adhoc Philosophy' and was one of the greatest sins of the Church during the Reformation.  That we are back into it, shows that what goes around, comes around.

The amazing thing is that this a fault of the Internet, yet the Internet has all the right information.  We are pushed by 'influencers' because we aren't all geophysics people.  Now, that can change!

We can start from basic physics, and the excellent physics engines of computer games.  They have to put in all the laws of physics or things don't seem right.  You drop a hammer and it lands on your toe, you can't push on a rope, and touching something hot burns you.

These are the basic laws and more of the advanced cases can be broken down to the basics.  For example, forces move things.  I use this for economics, which consists of the basic laws of forces that move greedy people. 

The laws of heat flow determine our monthly heating bills, so it is good to know some of these.  I find that 97% of the people shudder at the mention of physics, but it is every day life.  Get to love it!

- to be continued.

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