Tuesday, October 29, 2019

What did they find in Ignace?


This is funny, and typical.  You get a borehole log almost immediately, but it takes years to properly spin the results.  That's what happened with Bruce.

They'll never release these results, until they find at least one zone that looks good.  My hypothesis for the whole bare granitic rock is that glaciation cracked the rock down to about a kilometre in depth.  These are huge sub-horizontal fractures.  They might try to go for a zone between the fractures, but they wander a lot.  That's why they want more drilling, but it won't give them any happiness.

Onward and downward, it's the fun show.

** below 1 klick, the rock is so highly stressed, it explodes if you look at it.

ps.  the only solution is not politically acceptable, which is the stage for all 'Great Stupidities'.  :)

pps.  Storm Area 51, Ignace, Ontario.  Yeah!

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