Saturday, October 12, 2019

Visiting the Seychelles

After the hectic pace of Ethiopia, this trip is for relaxing.  Every two years we try to get the kids together.  They are all 30 something, and scattered -- super busy.  The last time we went to the British Virgin Islands on a catamaran, and we wanted to do the same.  Only, we had a window of late Sept to early October.

That's hurricane season for most of the world, and too cold for anything north.  So, we settled on the Seychelles.  We chose a magnificent 62 foot cat from Dream Yachts and it was wonderful.  For bookings, they should be contacted directly at Dream Yacht Charters.

Above are seasickness goggles.  The Seasick Girls refused to wear them at first, but were soon wearing them all the times, especially when playing cards.  The hardier people enjoyed the smooth ride of the big cat.  Once you sail on the open ocean, you'll never go back to smaller boats.

However, for this boat, we needed to organize 12 people.  And we went in the shoulder season when you get off and on rain.  A week later and price nearly doubles.  The Seychelles is Europe's Caribbean.

This is the drone shot of the boat.  You can see how I always landed on the boat.  Luckily the Yuneec Breeze is a Crash Master.  Falls apart and snaps together.  Once you get near the boat, all the automatics go crazy.  ** the video is now fixed to remove empty zones and cut out the crash**

This is a testimonial we promised the charter because they were so nice to us.  Nobody got paid.

Next is the standard travelogue.

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