Thursday, September 2, 2021

Ivermectin and the Clash of Philosophies

 It's sad that everybody has given up on the Scientific Method, and gone to Social Media Philosophy.  The Ivermectin thing is the latest.

Basically, all the 'trusted' institutions have gone to philosophy.  They say 'We have power-related consensus, and you should listen to us.'.  They use PR departments, and selective facts.  The doctors are the worst.

Thus, nobody believes anything, and they go with their own philosophies.  You can 'prove' the effectiveness of anything by using the 'placebo effect', which gives a 20% chance that tap water can cure cancer.

Ivermectin has shown up in many bad papers by people who want fame or money.  It is being used in large trials that started because of these bad papers.  If it was a 'miracle' then the trials would have been stopped by now, but it seems to be as effective as table salt.

But the one thing that will never work is trying to modify the dose for a horse, to fit a human.  You can't do it, and live.  Wealthy radio-joe can afford the human doses from the third world, and he is doing everything else, and the kitchen sink.  All of which costs a fortune, and he still gets covid.  But he still gets the one in one hundred chance of dying.  He can just pass it on to his mother.

I'm not preaching about not going to your nearest horse and stealing his medicine.  People who do that don't read.  I'm just calling this another disaster of philosophy. 

ps. We need a clarification.  Ivermectin is wonderful, full stop.  Just don't use the horse version.  I did research as to why it is a big hit with the conspiracy folks.  It's good for killing the little wormies in humans.  The 'big powers' call it 'horse dewormer', which is a smear.  However, the first world doesn't get wormies, not since the 50's when we all had to look at our poop for roundworms (and we had boils).  There is great confusion between wormies and viruses with the anti-vaxxers.  Since millions are taking ivermectin for parasites, there was a casual or spurious correlation that these people didn't get covid.

Then a lot of bad papers came out.  It was amazing that people under active treatment for parasites weren't going around to big parties.  It had to be preventing covid.  That was enough for big trials in Brazil.  It is supposed to stop the covid virus dead upon first entry, if you are carrying a certain level in your blood.  Nope.  You will never have the right level in your blood, since that level doesn't exist.  Don't kill the horse!

pps.  OMG, this is the same muck as Clange.  I am running away.

more:  for those protesters blocking hospitals, they should shoot out free ivermectin horse tablets, instead of tear gas.


Penny said...

A bit of a surprising report her Mr fish, considering Ivermectin has been used extensively in AFrica, with success, against river blindness

It's not just for horses.

'Ivermectin has been widely used for 30 years to combat onchocerciasis and is rightly considered a wonder drug."

It also has some anti viral properties..

Harold Asmis said...

Ha, you are being selective. Great against parasites caused by poverty. A wonderful drug, but the cross-over to viruses is dubious. But, I can't argue with you, or my son. Just don't attack your friendly neighbourhood horse. :)

Harold Asmis said...

Ha, I'm thinking that going after a horse pill, is like trying to cut down that elephant opioid to deal with a headache. Just one micro-gram is the difference between kill or cure. :)

Anonymous said...


Penny said...

"Ha, you are being selective"

And you're not?

There is no need to argue with anyone,my point was this drug has uses that go beyond horse medicine. Known and documented. So it's disingenuous to present it in that simplistic and somewhat misleading fashion.

Harold Asmis said...

No arguments, that's a lose-lose proposition. :)