Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Sacred Cows and Institutional Stupidity

 Note:  This is not making fun of actual sacred cows.  Cows are sacred!  This is just an expression.

At the heart of every institution or large company are core beliefs.  I'm not disputing them, but they lead to great stupidities.

Here's a list, and I'm not touching churches.

USGS - 1907 - Elastic Rebound Theory.  which leads to 'All earthquakes are caused by faults.'  and 'All the world is California'.

NASA - We're better than anybody.  and - 'We don't blow up rockets to learn anything', we only 'learn' from disasters, when Feynman was alive, and now, nothing.

OPG - We decide what's good for everybody.

US Army Corps of Engineers - We build dams, what happens after is none of our concern.

City of Ottawa - We're Ottawa, for frickin' sake.  Our new rail system should be working, except for those dang passengers.

Lefties - all humans are greedy pigs.  And if they aren't, we'll tar them anyway.

I don't want to go down this road, any further.  It just started because of the Australia earthquake, and I'm expecting to have more on the list.

And I'm already on the snarky expressway.  I'll stop.

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