Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Ozone holes show that temperature is the only thing


The Arctic bigger than ever, now the anti-arctic.  Of course, they can't give up their 'story' on the chemical reaction.  That would maybe shed some doubt on climate stories.

We had our warm cycle where the ozone hole closed up, and now everything is colder than ever.  The stories will come up faster than ever, to counter physics measurements.  Perhaps we can say "Things are complicated.' and keep the old hypotheses going forever.

ps.  the two main hypotheses controlling our lives are:

Ozone - Chlorine breaks down from unbreakable Freon at 98 below

Carbon - Carbon dioxide acts as a thermal blanket

These things rely on 'magic' and persuasive self-interested voices.  No physics.

Another one for covid is:  All particles are the same size  and are infectious for many days.  This leads to a lot of silliness.  No physics.

As I've stated many times, a proper hypothesis can be tested, and pie thrown in the face, if wrong.


WaffleStaffel said...

Can you point me in the right direction with regard to the ozone hole... hypothesis, I guess?

I'm not baiting, I'm honestly curious. Mainstream theory is usually unsatisfying.

Also, out of curiosity, are you familiar with Miles Mathis' "charge field" theory?

Anonymous said...

Great pithy post!
Peter of the hummin lines

Harold Asmis said...

I wrote some extra in my background, on the right column. The existing hypothesis was immediately called a theory. It involves a chemical reaction, and I haven't googled it in a long time. Anyway the ozone holes are going to get larger and larger as we cool down. It will fun to see the blustering.

WaffleStaffel said...

Oh sh*t, a search bar! Thanks.
"These results suggest that a major fraction of the observed ozone loss in the polar stratosphere is due to a currently unknown mechanism - a major challenge of our fundamental understanding of the polar stratospheric ozone loss process" -You don't see an admission like that very often. At least, not one which survives to see the light of day.

This is but one of many articles on the subject I referred to. Make of it what you will.

Harold Asmis said...

That reads too much like the ozone and climate things. Rather than constantly belabouring the point and 'proving' by argument, you can cast a hypothesis by which you live or die. In California a failed hypothesis is a badge of honour, everywhere else it is career destruction. That's why we have spacex, and nasa couldn't launch a paper bag. The hypothesis here is -- there is another force that has not been detected'. Just like carbon, this is an extraordinary claim that requires extraordinary proof. Einstein cast a hypothesis (relativity) that has experimented on many times and has passed. Once you get to a dozen, we'll call it a theory, not before. Also he said that if you can't measure it (directly) it does not exist. People make up things all the time and they muck up the inferred word 'directly'.

Harold Asmis said...

more - it is similar with 'sunspots' that the far right likes to blame for warm cycles. Sun energy variation is less than 0.1% Yes, it could have an effect, but you better list all the other effects that swamp sun spots. I would guess that solar input (orbital variations, etc) has to exceed 10% to have an effect. Not happening.

Harold Asmis said...

I just added 'ghost forces' to the backgrounder.

WaffleStaffel said...

It's interesting how you put things into "left" and "right" camps. There is definitely an Us and a Them, but from where I sit, the most important dividing line seems to be the ever growing chasm between the obscenely wealthy and powerful, and the ignorant and brainwashed. It is from this perspective that I can see that SpaceX and NASA, for example, are just a progression of cutouts for the same group of people. It just happens the newest iteration is even less accountable to the public which ultimately funds it. Like everything else, science has fallen victim to suppression of truth, not failure of imagination. Ever wonder why failure is, as you say, a badge of honor?

The author actually refers to a number of experiments which back up his theory, and has written hundreds of papers, which are listed in the index.
It's a lot of reading, and I'm not going to argue or belabor the point. You invest the time or you don't. If you're willing to make such a judgement after only barely getting your toe wet, I can only conclude you have a blog mainly because you're the type who is in love with the sound of his own voice, and convinced that no intelligence anywhere matches your own. I've actually already suspected as much after perusing a handful of posts, but was willing to reserve judgement. Unfortunate, as the world has desperate need of great thinkers, not tremendous egos.

Harold Asmis said...

Yeah, that's the point of having a blog that nobody reads. I'm surprised that you made the effort. I tend to push the Scientific Method, rather than any 'theory' that conflicts with the mainstream. Also, I note that you are expressing disapproval with anything that goes against 'consensus'. Also, there is no physics, so have a nice day.