Friday, October 23, 2020

The Physics of Covid

 It is my general theme that gross ignorance of physics is sending us all in a downward spiral of disasters.  Covid is one of them.  I am following strict Scientific Method which is brutal and unsuited for our modern times.

Hypothesis -- This is formulated from existing information and is meant to be tested by subsequent experiments.  The brutality is in 'Death of a Hypothesis', a famous book.  Nobody does this and they just go to 'dogma', based on selected information.  

**Covid is spread 95% by a direct bullet of gob to the eyes.**  (my hypothesis and mine alone).  The offshoot is that all the other means of transmission are insignificant and should be ignored.

That is a threatening hypothesis to dogma.  It can be killed by personal attacks and making sure that no funding is available for physics.  Einstein cast his hypothesis by existing information, and went on and on about implications and thought experiments.  Nobody killed him.  spacex people had a hypothesis that modern materials and computers could lead to new rocket engines, but there would be explosions to test it.  Only one crazy person had the money and said "Explosions!  Neat!'.  

This is a good hypothesis in terms of physics.  I could go on and on about how I came to it, but it has to be tested.  I'm retired and can live with a failed hypothesis.  Nobody else can, and that's why we have constant disasters.  I won't even go on to discuss the experiments required, because they won't happen.  

But I will go on a little jag about the dangers of dogma.  Because nobody had masks, they latched onto a very weak hypothesis that 2m separation does some good.  This is pure physics, badly done.  It went directly to religious (government) dogma.  Now we have masks everywhere.  Has anything improved?  The hypothesis fails, but people will stick to dogma to the death.  

We go on to the next disaster ... 

ps - OK power doctors, this is not worth reading or attacking.  Nobody reads this.  Carry on with your mythology.  And, for anti-maskers, you can't read anyway, so relax.

pps.  It's fun to watch biologists (doctors) do physics, like checking face shields and the lifetimes of the virus.  I'm having a grand old time.  :)

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