Thursday, October 22, 2020

Give up on the Covid test

 We have reached the point where the covid test is useless.  The Powers are bungling the numbers.  Every increase in cases results in more restrictions.  But there is no thought in the physics of the numbers.  

It is now taking two weeks to get a result.  That is of no use to you, and no use to Society.  If you are employed you need to take a test as a formality.  The school kids are suffering with the results of the tests.

It's sad that the whole covid testing thing has been bungled from the beginning.  Just assume that you have covid, and that everybody you know has it.  What's the diff?  If you end up in the hospital, then you are dead.  Have fun!

We, who had covid at the very beginning, have no status.  You can get it again, and spread it again, with a slight mutation.  Continue to assume you have it forever.  If you were in a place that had covid, don't line up for a test, you'll get the flu.  If the numbers go down because nobody is taking tests, then the gov't will relax, they don't normalize the numbers at all.

China got rid of it by brutally forcing mask use, and killing off anybody who disagrees with them.  They are genocide kings.  Here, if one person in a room sneezes or screams, then everybody wearing a mask gets covid.  It is 99% spread by large gobs into the eyes.  Don't go to a trumpy rally.

**Our covid response is stupid.  But don't get upset, everything is stupid.  If you get it, dose yourself heavily with cbd-cannabis extract to stop extra inflammation.  That's what kills you.

***this is satire.  Don't get mad about sacred cows getting shot at.  I never hit anything.  :)


Brent said...

I have been doing a lot of reading on this. I wish you would go into more of the physics of this. I have been looking at lots of stats and I am sure I don't believe in a lot of this.
Also keep up the good work on this global warming which I also don't believe a lot of.

Anonymous said...

All three levels of our government are satirical tragedies in progress. Their aint no physics in poli-sci just weaseling. So open a bottle of fine weaseling and enjoy.

Harold Asmis said...

My main theme of all my writing is the consequences of having no math and physics at the top of power. The covid disaster is one of them. If we plot the last 50 years, we will find that the power people have less and less physics, all the way to today, where it is zero. That also goes hand in hand with weaseling, which is the way they all get to power. Trillions of dollars are lost on this. Can't wait for the next disaster.