Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Ontario business should shoot up

Canadian business is tied down by monopolies.  Big banks, big telecom, big liquor sales, etc.  You can't do anything without running into a brick wall.

I sent this to my local mpp who always seems invisible, and to Doug Ford himself.  There is a one in a million chance that somebody bright reads it.  I truly hope that Ontario reinvents itself after covid, but it is a long shot.

Harold Asmis 

to kinga.surma
I'm doing the new website for an established store at Royal York plaza.

It has survived covid because it does filtered water refills.  However, the wine business has a
 "Make you own wine" license.  There are almost no such stores left now.

The proposal is to free the restrictions that mandate the physical presence of the customer to assist
 in the wine making.  Also, the customer has to pick up the minimum order of 30 bottles,
 and it still takes 4 to 8 months of storage before it is drinkable.

We would like to make it more like a normal online business.  We wish to switch over to wine bags,
 and 3d print custom wine bag holders.  I see this as a great opportunity for Doug Ford to
show the new business models right in his own backyard of Etobicoke.

Many thanks for your attention, and I really think this is the way to go.

Harold W. Asmis, P.Eng.
Geotechnical Engineer

Harold Asmis

Hey, Doug, I think you will like this when the time is right to come out of the shadows.
  I can see you leading a resurgent Ontario.

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