Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Cottage Report -- Aug 18, 2020

 We are getting a nice cool blast from the North.  This should be working weather.  I'm getting into lots of trouble for not doing heavy work at 30C, with humidity.  blah.

Wed.  A cool 8C overnight.  A huge number of birds this morning, look like striped nuthatches.  I should look them up, but I won't.  The hummingbirds are having their fight over the feeder.

OMG, at the cottage I'm actually buying books to read, so I can talk about them.  I'm enjoying Curtis Craddock's Risen Kingdoms trilogy.  The other books sort of drift in and out.

Saturday.  Super hot, but the nights are cool, and the water is warm.  great.  I caught a tiny fish.

Sunday - hots.  Same as before.  The neighbour saw monster fish, but they never bite.  I caught a fish smaller than my lure.

Monday.  In the spirit of the hilton girl, we are complaining about the agonizing choices between sunning or swimming.  

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