Sunday, August 16, 2020

Arctic ice back into gloating territory

 After a huge kink caused by the absence of tropical air plumes, the Arctic ice volume chart is about to dip into record territory.  As has been pointed out in many books, we have no data before 1980, so the gloating is rather shallow.

This is a book from last year.  The key phrase is "if you have a basic grasp of physics".  Ha!  Nobody has that.  That's why this farce goes on and on.  Also, I think that everybody except me, is wrong.  :)

ps.  fabulous warmth over the Arctic.  Get those supply barges in!

pps.  Now they have combined covid with warmth.


Penny said...

Hey Geofish:
still reading..
I'm not going to get too excited over the Arctic ice situation.
the book sounds interesting.

Harold Asmis said...

Yeah, still one reader! The lack of physics made covid worse, so we can speculate on the next physics disaster. :) I'm calling covid a physics disaster, because one look at the the exponential should have shut everything down, but they couldn't because physics has been declared 'anathema' by the Failed English Majors.