Thursday, August 27, 2020

Small nuclear runs into engineering problems


Standard engineering has lost touch with basic physics.  Thus, the only way to excel at engineering is to do it the SpaceX way - build and blow up.  That teaches engineers basic physics.  You can't do that with nuclear.  You have to use old engineering and make it so excessive (to cover your rear) that it can't be built.  Then you build it anyway and run.

In the old days we had good engineers who respected physics.  So much so that Darlington was overbuilt by a factor of 10.  But we had support from management and the government.  In retrospect, I'm glad it was over-built because it suffered so many serious design issues.  That sounds a bit weird, but the structures were over-built using conventional engineering, and the nuclear designers played god with the flowing bits.

Darlington will be restored at 10 times the cost, and it will fail just as soon as the first attempt, because they have not addressed the fundamental physics.  Meanwhile, the makers of small reactors may have bitten off more than they can chew.  I wish them luck.

ps.  in order to forget all this rotten engineering, and Bell's Perfidy, we must tend to our crop.

The buds have begun to form on the two plants in the back.  Soon, the big vegetative leaves will turn yellow, and the buds will grow tall.  Harvest is in mid-September when those white threads on the buds begin to wilt.  Then it is processing time.  This is a mild variety that doesn't really smell much.  It has high cbd with a good hunk of thc.  It cured the neighbour's Crone thing, and saved me from covid.  Great stuff.

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