Sunday, December 3, 2023

Ottawa snowbot designed by LRT bunch - can't operate in the snow


This is the Warm Report:  designed with the same physics as the LRT and El Nino, this robot shovels the snow when it cannot be shovelled by humans.  Since Canada is pouring all it's money into warmth, this will be used often.  There may be a problem when it breaks through the ice, but I'm sure they have thought of that.  They also may have to add a plough.

ps.  the physics of snow loading on thin ice is amazing.  I was thinking about it, and it involves extreme instability.  Can't wait to see how anything zooms over it.


Neil T said...

They tried the same type of robot thing here but for forest clearing... The 3 tough Moroccan blokes with FS550s worked but 3 city based yoof with FS550s failed. Goats worked, donkeys worked and a tough old bloke (with big balls) driving a catapillar tractor and forest picadora worked... But then the green types got big funding and bought a can't do slopes, needs parts, yellow robot thing, a big trailer and a new 4x4 pick up. It's all probably sitting in a shed someplace now. I understand the goats are making a return next year.

Harold Asmis said...

We could donate some Canadian Super-Pigs, sort of like a boar crossed with an M1 tank.