Sunday, December 10, 2023

Arctic flow pushed off to be a clipper


Pacific air is getting over the mountains and pushed off the Arctic air.  It is now the form of a standard clipper.  The Arctic has warmed up again, and the 60 below zones are gone.  

ps.  an Arctic spill is going through the Bering Str.  However, lots of warm air is hitting the pole, and we are delayed with Arctic ice, and air spills.

There are still no ocean current maps, so I am in the dark here.

and look at that Arctic hump in temps, but it's over now.

a big hump at this time of year seems common.

pps.  and you can see that the Hudson Bay cyclone is starting again, diverting the Arctic flow.  All the family is making fun of me, with all this mild weather.

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