Sunday, December 3, 2023

Warm air still fighting


Today's warm air report shows that warm air is still giving a good fight.  Pacific air is still pouring over the mountains, giving us wet weather.

Warm air is still grazing the East Coast, and a tiny residual of El Nino is putting up good resistance to a huge blob of cold air hitting the East Pacific.

Greenland and Siberia have not yet hit 60 below because of warmth, and you saw on the video that cyclones are still diverting the cold channel from UK.

The money report shows that all money is going to warmth, as it should.  Huge amounts of money are being used to prop up El Nino, and this warm report is not looking at it.  Due to the money, you won't find a map of it anywhere.  However, the ocean currents map is due soon.

ps. The Warm Report is staying away from Europe.  

pps.  Normally, The Warm Report goes to Australia this time of year to find hot drought.  But this year, it's so soggy, that even the kangaroos are fleeing to Canada.

Darn Climate Asylum Seekers, we'll soon be overrun with them..

more:  we need a wall on our border with Australia.  Famous quote from the border guards -- "We didn't know that kangaroos could jump."

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