Saturday, January 7, 2023

State of the Ocean - Jan 7, 2023

 The ocean currents map is quite late again, so I'll just do this without it.  I doubt it has changed.  Powerful currents like this need 6 months to have the slightest change.  If we could plot kinetic energy, then I think it would still be rising for the feed current to the Pacific belt.

The big news is that the tropics belt temperature is falling dramatically.

It will soon be at 1980 levels.  The main heat energy for the world comes from here.  

I can offer no hope for Australia.  Notice the big drop at Sanfran.  They are still getting the Siberian Arctic air spill and that is taking all the available Arctic air right now.  The other cold air blobs have been starved out.

ps.  yeah, December ice just came in.

The polar bears are fine.

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