Monday, January 16, 2023

California storms pushed aground


Last night was a horror.  Three perfect storms hanging offshore, fed by a stream that separated to each storm like a tree.  I knew they would either run ashore, or march down to California.  Looks like they are dashing themselves upon the rocks.

The bad news is that two new storms have curled off the cold stream.  These will probably meld into one.  

This is funny in that washpost is the biggest flag-waver of clange.  However, they can't resist the phoney outrage.

“You have no idea come Dec. 1 what your winter is going to look like because our seasonal forecasts are so bad,” said Jeffrey Mount, a senior fellow with the Public Policy Institute of California’s Water Policy Center, in an interview. “They are just not reliable enough to make definitive water supply decisions.”

The UK is getting the full stream of cold air zooming down the length.  

They had a nice warmie dance while the headpond was filling up, and now it's cold.

For the poor Callies, here is the physics seasonal forecast -- Cold, rainy, miserable, with a dash of earthquakes.  You can't get more accurate if nobody measures anything that goes against the groupthink.  

ps.  right away, the two baby storms are merging into one.  The little twin is being eaten by the big one.

This means the same process generating these storms is still active, and an endless line of storms hits the coast.  Hopefully, some are grounding against northern shores.  And we are going to get endless snow in Ottawa for sure, and Toronto, if it isn't rain.

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