Friday, January 6, 2023

RSS world temp is down, Tropics hit the basement


The worlds are down, but our Earth is being cut off at the knees.

Nobody in the world will understand how horrible this is.  The tropical belt is the heat engine for the entire world.  The heat machine is exponential.  As it goes down, it picks up less heat.  A wonderful spiral down to a Little Ice Age.  

The Siberia spill is still full blast with powerful, laminar flow.  NA is getting hit with a moderate blob, and Europe is going to be sandwiched between two blobs.  Lucky for us, the complete shutdown of the ocean heat machine means we'll have lots of severe heat waves in the summer, due to no ocean breezes.  That should keep the groupthink going for a long time.  I really hate the thought of what happens when this Ponzi Scheme collapses.

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