Saturday, January 21, 2023

Toronto will get winter again


Looks like the standard blob coming down.  I have figured out that we get this when the ocean plumes impact the Arctic and shove down blobs of air on us.  The last month had almost no plumes in the Arctic, and we had high-velocity wind jets.  That caused the whole California thing, and Toronto got the spill-over, as gloomy, warmer weather.

So we are getting our more usual storm strikes hitting the Yukon, causing NW clippers to hit us.  The cold side of the clipper can hold a big cold-air blob.  Fun stuff.

ps.  I have also decided to let all the stupid stuff of the world just flow over me.  I have such a peaceful mind!

pps.  the cold blob of the other day was pushed East by the Pacific storms.  This one is starting to be pushed out.

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