Thursday, January 26, 2023

Climate change is now all inclusive

 As written in Mastodon.

#physics #weather Extreme cold is climate change  It all makes sense to the influencers.

“we can consider this extreme weather – extremely hot weather in summer and extremely cold weather in winter – as one of the signals of climate change.”

This is the exact same symptom as the ocean currents flipping, and the coming of the Little Ice Age.  Of course, this is all due to carbon dioxide acting as a thermal blanket.  I’m 100% for this, and I no longer have to offer basic physics.  

  I will continue to show the charts that the world temperatures are going down, and this is an ‘all inclusive deal’.  Drink all you want!

  In Canada, we will get colder and the Arctic ice will build up.  There’s nothing that climate change can’t do.  Just don’t invest in an Arctic shipping service.

  In the summer, we are free to note that El Nino has been killed by his little sister La Nina, and his body stashed in a snow drift.  It’s all good!  Invest in umbrella sales for Australia.

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