Thursday, January 12, 2023

Calicanes threaten to take over the world


Superimpose these on the Caribbean.  They are Cat 7 hurricanes.  But over in Callie, they are 'that which cannot be named'.  The weather dogma doesn't allow it.  They are just 'lazy rivers'.  New ones are waiting to be formed, but they can't squeeze in.

If we did physics in the world, these would be classed as the largest hurricanes in the world, in terms of diameter, which is directly associated with total rain energy.  As it is, everybody in California will be just muttering "What the heck is happening?"

In the UK, we have just as much fun.  The big Arctic spill was going to cover them down the length, but it has turned and blasted a full broadside.  

This will cross the channel and hit poor Europe.  They have been dancing that 'clange' has saved them from heating bills.

-note - the term 'Arctic Spill' is another of my made-up terms, like Calicane.  It comes from the concept of the Arctic being a big dam headpond of cold air.  It builds up and spills through a spillway.  These are channels designed to release flood waters.  It is bad to overtop a dam, and the water goes through the spill gates at very high speed.  

ps and last year's poster child for influencers, is cold.

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