Saturday, January 14, 2023

Exxon Knew

 This is the big thing right now.  I wrote in Mastodon:

#physics #weather Exxon Knew  This is conspiracy at its best.  It implies that there is a table of evil-genius old men controlling the world.  In reality, they are stupid as dirt.  They were just ‘riding the hockey stick’ and over-extrapolating like everybody at the time.  It’s like ratcheting up the roller-coaster and extrapolating to the stars.  Everybody does that, and the swoop down is always surprising.  The actual world temperatures from NOAA show the rise to 2016.  This is then shown as their ‘accurate projections’.  I’m not saying it’s wrong in an influencer sense.  They made a lot of money on this.  Good for them!

In Mastodon, there are a ton of articles, pushing the influencer concept.  But they have great quotes.

My articles are generally banned.  :(

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