Friday, January 13, 2023

Super cold brings giant ice gyre and Calicane

 Our good friends, the influencers have turned an Einstein thing on its ear.  Instead of "That which cannot be measured, does not exist."  goes to "That which we do not measure, does not exist."  These are the biggest energy events the world has seen, and they will not be measured.

Here we have the biggest storm the world has seen since satellites, and it does not exist.  The ice gyre is a clockwise rotation around a blob of very cold air.  I had a great video of that from our river, but it is lost.

This calicane has 10 times the energy of all the previous storms combined.  It should rake the whole coast, when it gets turned by the cold air.  The main mechanism that is generating these things is still going on, so there should be another one, once the gyre runs its course.  

ps.  Yeah, an ice gyre

pps.  nooa has no statement on the December US temperatures.

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