Thursday, January 20, 2022

Roossia weaponizes ransomware


Fun.  I never liked the general lack of security in the ms world.  If mentioned in a group, you got the usual extremely hostile response that they were as secure as anybody.  But this was just more warmie philosophy.  How can you measure security?

When a relative was into hospital software, my imagination ran wild with trying to make this secure.  Of course, nobody took up my ideas.  At the old company, the security was so bad, that only the general lack of computing saved them.  I am convinced that the ecosystem of hackers keeps things secure because they are all fighting each other.

Now, there is a warlord coming into the anarchy, and history tells us that these guys always win over chaos.  Only the 'rule of law' is stronger because of economic benefits.  Roosia is lawless, as well as that other big guy.  I mangle up names to stop their search engines.  Who would find me?  And besides, I'm invisible.

Having supported their hackers for years, Roosia can now point the gun.  Our world is rather hopeless because nobody wants to put any money into security.  I predict now that we will have a big disaster, and then there will by physics, logic and security.  Just like the ice cycle.  However, the lip-flapping will go on for a long time.

Right now, the biggest threat is total incompetence, and that is great.  Look at how governments do pay systems and tax returns.  Even hackers need a moderately working system so they can figure it out.  However, we cannot expect this to last.

This is just another cycle of stupidity that has to come to an end.  I think everything just blows up in the next 10 years, and hopefully we go into a rational period without war.

ps.  I am now opening comments to invisible people.

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