Monday, January 24, 2022

The slide of frozen doom breaks


So, everything here is very dynamic and follows the laws of physics.  Our 'Interregnum of Ignorance'  has resulted in no physics being done on the Earth's heat flow for 50 years.  Their mantra was 'All the physics was done in 1850.'  This proved to be very powerful on the streets, because nobody likes physics.

I saw this trend start this morning.  We had a Perfect Clipper, which is warm Pacific plume air confined by a cold air mass.  The warm air is full of energy, and continues to travel around the world.  The cold is a big fat sloth, that rides on the warm air.  Normally, that comes and hits Toronto and NYC.

But, it has sagged and broken.  That means (perhaps) the start of a clairslide going to Texas.  At the same time, a Gulf plume is rising, so it's going to be Storm City.  By tomorrow we may see a lot of cold in the midwest.

ps.  in the morning we'll do the night minimum temp, which is the best physics thing to do.

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