Sunday, January 23, 2022

The physics disaster of covid

 I'm calling this a 'Grand Stupidity', and I am declining to take another booster.  This was all botched up, but not any worse than all the other botch-ups.  Worst thing is that the doctors will declare victory after it all burns out.

I got covid before they knew what it was.  Then the vaccine and then the booster.  According to medical studies, I'm as immune as they come.  However, everybody around me got omi over Christmas that was a terrible 2 week sinus cold.  Any worse and I would have out of it.  My sinuses were burned black.  Everybody tested negative with the useless test kits.

My immune system is so peppered that it can't take any more.  I'm leaving the race, and let it kill me.  If it comes to the situation that the hospitals won't take me in because I don't have 10 boosters, then I'll take them.  

Omi is going to kill all the anti-vaxxers, so I'm thinking they are all fake anti-vaxxers, or they'd be dead.  Why not?  It's a fun thing to do.  The next variant will be more contagious, and less fatal.  Not even endless testing is going to change this.

Had the doctors known how to spell physics, they could have predicted the evolution -- it would always work around the stupid protections, like masks.  They would have told the partying people to just wear Bono glasses, and have given them out.  Now we are all condemned to wear masks forever, and they keep blaming the quality of the masks -- get more expensive ones.  Lots of people in the grocery store just use scarves.  Can they afford KN95 masks?

Our days were filled with orders from the doctors that were impossible to carry out.  Then there was more enforcement, and the economy was destroyed.  Inflation is now insane, and probably 20% instead of 4.  Interest rates will rise, and houses will fall.  All the houses in the neighbourhood, sold in the last few months are standing empty -- speculators.

The best you can do is 'Brace for Impact'.  Have fun.

ps.  the concept of the mask is self-defeating.  You can't hear, so you talk louder.  You wear it all day, and it can only trap electrostatically for an hour or so.  Nobody wears the mask right, and they don't even have the 1 hour masks.  Omi evolved around this minor nuisance, and that should have been seen.  Glasses would have worked better, and 'flattened the curve'.  I feel that this whole thing has been more of 'OMG people are dying, we have to be seen to be doing something.'  That's the way of the world.

pps.  the social people will be demanding a witch hunt and rolling heads.  I went over all that already.