Monday, January 31, 2022

Fund the truckers to go home

 Poot's agitators are funding the truckers to stay until there is violence, and a riot.  There will one when they start towing the trucks and using teargas.  Right now, it's a highly funded party, and these people will become professional protestors.

An alternative would be somebody calmer, like the trucking association, to start a gofund to pay expenses to go home.  Right now, they lose a lot of money leaving.  They would start with the outer trucks, do a little tickytok to thank supporters and get $500 or something.  They would be home-town heroes, having done a job, and leaving.

Please start the 'Mission Accomplished' project.  merci.

ps.  the reason social media and regular media have become such a scourge on the world is that single-issue fanatics will work 10 times harder, and spend 10 times more than somebody just wanting peace, order and good government.  There are no associations for this.  And all the rexies baying for blood and throwing money at the fighters.

pps.  huge snowstorm coming in on Wed, and they'll learn the fun of Ottawa.

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