Friday, January 14, 2022

Clipper becomes clairslide


Clippers always die and become blobs of cold air.  You can see that the next clipper is setting up.  The clairslide (clear air landslide) is coming down hard, and will take the whole eastern US.  The question is not whether natgas prices exceed the fall, but how far above it.

Ballistic motion of US natgas depends on whether the storage runs out.  I thought it would do it for years now, but as Europe shows, it's always a threat.  I feel it could be this year, or next.

The residual tropical plume is protecting Texas, but it hasn't sucked up Gulf air.  There appears to be no heat to suck up.  We'll see if the Atlantic is totally dead.

There's no heat energy in the Pacific, so it's producing weak plumes.  Both the Pacific and Atlantic are curling plumes down south.  I've never seen this, so it bodes ill, or well, depending on my mood.

Europe is living off a little Atlantic heat.  You can see they are about to get hit by two mucky clairslides, and I don't think natgas can go any higher there.  Pootine can invade all of Europe right now, as long as he brings natgas.  :)

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