Saturday, January 22, 2022

The biggest discrimination against women - they're too smart

 I was thinking of that thaneros lady who is getting burnt at the stake.  It's just that every company in Canada is headed by old drunk men who can use the 'Stupidity Defence' if things go sour.  They'll never get trompy because he can say 'I had no clue.'  Think of all those guys at vw, and they would add 'Where did those dancing girls come from?'.

Cints was Epstoon's bosom buddy, but ha ha.  If anything happened during Hills watch, then she was crucified.  All the old-boy-drunk top positions in the world are 'scapegoat spots'.  It's like a lizard that can lose its tail and regrow it.  They all have huge scapegoat provisions, and then go to another company.

No woman succeeds with a stupidity defence.  And that's the biggest discrimination of all.  No woman can take a scapegoat position.  Even mid-level, the woman has tons of men working under her, and she'll get the axe.  

And you think.  Okay if a woman is in charge, then its a good company to invest in.  Nope.  She'll stick around and try to fix things.  If a man smells the stinking fish caused by all the men under him, he'll bail.  In the end, women are too smart to take the top positions.  If a woman does, everybody assumes she's 10 times smarter than any man.  This is the ultimate discrimination.

I'm aware of a large company that makes money though monopoly dominance.  All the top are drunken old men.  A woman must be thrown in there once in a while, but she soon leaves screaming.  This is bad for the economy, but everybody does it.  Sad.

You can ask, can we fix that?  Nope, as long as lawyers control the world, this is a sure thing.  Legalities actually lead to things like group-think, because the defence is 'Who knew?'.  Good thing that everybody else in the world is worse.

I was thinking about the position of 'Mob Boss Daughter', like ivonka.  She's okay, because she can say that daddy tortured her.  And he'll say she's hysterical.  All good.  The thaneros lady tried that, but it didn't work.

ps.  so a company like vw sheds the designated scapegoats for dieselgate, and immediately plunges into the stupidity of electric cars.  They are stronger than ever.

**clarification - At the mid-level positions men know how to bail and save themselves.  Women are usually caught.  Sad.

**more - I know of very competent men in the mid positions.  They would love to be made a scapegoat, it's a dream come true.


Neil T said...

A) Err, you're not invisible
B) My GF is a COO of a largish co and she would agree with you on this subject. She's taken a good few corporate kickings over the years by the old boy network.

Harold Asmis said...

Ha, I knew somebody would come up with that line. Using my old-boy privilege, I choose to let it zing over my head.

Harold Asmis said...

My +1 was in the exact same position, running a very profitable division for a large company. For some reason, they needed a head lopped off and thought the woman weak. That's where the inverse kicks in that the woman is 10 times smarter than any man. Not good for legal scapegoats, but brutal in a big severance legal fight. Ha.
The division went to zero, we did all right.

Harold Asmis said...

Naturally, that was right into retirement. Showing your teeth to the oldboys is like telling someone they're not invisible. No more jobs.