Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Google News Makes a Political Comment


This is just your morning funny.  It's something that even rex wouldn't dare to do.  

With reality, we find it's -21 for Toronto.  A classic Alberta Clipper is also blowing raspberries at us Eastern Intellectuals.  :)

A clipper is a giant cat and dog fight.  The cold dogs fight with the warm cats all the way down.  All the action is at the boundary, just the jet stream.  It's the bulk of the cats and dogs that drive the air, not the fighting.  That only gives us a lot of snow.

You can see a slight hang-up at the Great Lakes because it is so cold.  natgas is starting to tick up, might take a few more of these.

**that is a genuine screenshot, and I'll be selling it as an nft for 2 million.  :)

ps.  we are blaming googs because the process is totally automatic, never blaming some rebellious intern at the news place.

pps.  and it's so dang cold, our kidneys are spitting snowballs.

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