Saturday, January 22, 2022

Clipper conveyor


This is unusual, we have a train of clippers.  At the front is a 'chewy clipper' which is a big tootsie-pop with snow in the front.  We are lucky that the Gulf air is in retreat from the previous cold, and probably is out of heat energy.

This will give us light snow like last time.  The big news is that conveyor belts can deliver a shitload of stuff, and bury you.

Riding on top of the ocean plumes is very cold air, a nice belt of 50 below.  This is hooked into the belt and enjoying the ride.  Cold air has no heat energy, it reacts violently with warm air, like a mentos and pepsi.  The amount of snow for Toronto will depend on how the edge passes us.  Right on the border, we get another 3 feet.  A bit above us, we get a crippling ice storm, and a bit below, we finally get our 30 below, that I've been waiting for.  All fun.

Those of you in our invisible world shouldn't scare the audience with physics.  Just let them imagine the prancing horses of the polar vortex, or the kinky jet stream.  That's so lovely, like a Hallmark movie.

ps.  actually, the phillies really enjoy being whacked out the blue, and when they are dazed and ask 'What happened?'  it's time to say 'Clim Change'.  Just like the ancients liked 'Gods Will'.  New events are always explained after the fact, with a little bit of history rewriting, like 'We always predicted that.'

pps.  I once asked a phillie about that, and he said 'The Scientific Method is old-fashioned, and a clange denier.'.  And that's true in the phillie world.  They are having big parties on the 'believers' dime.

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