Sunday, January 9, 2022

Another clairslide coming down

 A clairslide is a 'clear, cold air landslide'.  I used to use 'air glacier' or 'cold blob'.  It is jelly sliding off a plate.  The cold air is so dense, it has the properties of cold jelly, ice, or tons of dirt.

I save 'clairslide' for absolutely clear air, coming down fast, with a rounded (lobate) front.  Don't worry that nobody else in the world uses these terms.  I never worry, and my 9 loyal readers don't, as well.

The core is at 50 below.  The Great Lakes Heat Shield is down, and the clairslide will run over it.  The warm Arctic ocean has turned over, and can now hold -60.  The cold comes to freeze the bezeebees off the Eastern Intellectuals.  They're rich enough to afford natgas, while trying to double the price of heat-carbon for everybody else.  Their sole purpose is to reduce the 'Standard of Living' to frozen death for millions.

I am now amazed at the low price for natgas.  They must believe the phillies.  This year or next, they will run out of stored gas, and be like Europe.  All the wells are blowing up with freezing, and this is much worse than phillie demands to 'shut it all off'.  

The Toronto forecast is for -18, much colder than the long-range forecast, and the next one will be -30.  That makes it expensive for all the housing money laundry people to heat.  Now, all carbon will double in price, and interest rates will go through the roof (literally, with the expensive heat energy).

ps.  the UK is now in a repeating pattern of a tropical plume pushed away by a clairslide.  Frozen Hell, rinse, repeat.


brent said...

How do you tell by the info you have that the temps will all go back to where they are right now plus 2 be back there on Wednesday.

Harold Asmis said...

They could be completely wrong because they are depending on a repeat pattern to the one we just had. That's a slashing Pacific plume sucking up a Gulf plume. Who goes after them if they are wrong? Also, any clairslide is affected by latitude sun warming in the deep south. If the Pacific is in a chaotic state, then the long-term forecast is garbage.

80% of the time, the weather is the same as we just had. The UK is going through a perfect repeat, but I don't see that for us. That 20% is the most exciting.

brent said...

Thanks.From what I see it looks like we were going into a longer cooling. But WTF do I know.

Harold Asmis said...

In the 70's there was a ton of field atmospheric physics being done. When the phillies took over at nasa, this went to zero, because it was inconvenient. Had the rate continued, we would have had long-term forecasts worth something. They continue with these forecasts because that's part of the 'narrative', but nothing has improved, and may have gotten worse. That's part of the trillions lost by the phillies. The burden of this goes to the working poor.

brent said...

You would think with all this modern tech, things would be much better.

Harold Asmis said...

I do the important things in the comments where phillies don't look, because they don't read. God forbid I did a tikytok.

Parable: A long time ago, in the 70's, they were doing a shitload of good atmospheric physics. The intent was to improve long-term forecasts up to years. They had big lasers, super-high jets, and studied things like clear-air convection. They improved forecasts to 7 days where they became stuck forever.

Then the first satellite to study these things came up with the Ozone Hole, and it was expanding that winter. They sent up the last of the jets and found chlorine, amongst a million other things.

At the time nasa was dying due to blowing up space shuttles. vonbraun was a dead Nastie. Mr. God stood at the podium and declared:

"I have made a straight line from 2 points and this hole will continue to expand and kill us all. The one chlorine molecule proves that freon is causing this." He drops the mike and millions of fans cheer. They throw money and nasa is saved.

Mr Physics, living in the basement of nasa says: 'Ok, we'll call this a hypothesis, and it is easy to test in the atmosphere chamber." He does this and disproves the hypothesis, and publshes.

Mr God has a near heart-attack. "OMG, we'll have to give back the money!" He has his mob lynch Mr. Physics, burn the chamber, and rewrite history by wiping the papers.

All atmospheric physics died. Then they killed the Venus project. Mr. Venus came over and said "Earth is just like Venus, because we did a lot of work on that. It has no convection and greenhouse gases." The rest is our sad history.

Harold Asmis said...

Dear Mr Fish, that was great historical fiction. I agree with you that all of history is blundering stupidity, rather than intelligent conspiracy.