Friday, January 28, 2022

And we have another one


This is like shooting pool.  Will the cue ball do something this time?  A big clairslide descends, and I think this makes it more clairslides than all of the last few years.  However, I just made that up, since nobody is keeping track of these things.

I think they are getting weaker because the 50 below is farther away, but the Atlantic heat is getting weaker, as well.  So, it's crap shoot on how far it goes.

Natgas is showing a Texas spike on one plot, but not on others.

ps.  and I just noticed that the refillable water jugs in the garage all froze and blew out the bottoms.  Never had that before.


So, it is real.  A short squeeze is where a warmie had believed the phillies, and made a bet that the price would go down when we are rolling in all this warmth.  But the price went up and they were desperate to fill the contract.  Obviously, the bet was very large, or the market is very thin.  We'll see how it recovers.

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