Tuesday, January 11, 2022

North Atlantic warmth to be shattered

 I never show the ocean current maps any more, mainly because the satellite ocean temp maps show things just as fast.  However, this time the current maps may have a slight edge.

The North Atlantic is suddenly showing the weirdest current ever.  The cold water is coming down as a sheet.  This is unusual because the current maps are only showing surface currents and cold water likes to dive.

The ocean temp anomaly map shows that the unusual warmth of the N. Atlantic is gone.  Up to now it has been unusually warm.

You can't get this stuff at the movies!  The ocean currents also show that the Pacific warmth is shot, but is obvious from the above anomaly map.

I'm not pushing to increase my 9 readers.  The instant I see anything that goes against my hypothesis (of an ice age), I'll report it, get out the sackcloth and ashes, and moan a lot.  I love that!

The cold will burn the US east coast.  I saw the movie 'In the heights'.  Imagine those people in the cold.  Natgas prices are low because nobody uses it, they have a million explosive space heaters going.  Expect more fires.

The temperature of the North Atlantic is the temperature of the UK.  I enjoy making fun of them, because they are the 'Heart of Darkness' for clange.

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