Saturday, January 15, 2022

All the hospital covid cases are unvaxxed

 The won't release the figures, but one hospital leaked them out, and it was 90%, for general cases in ICU.

We can't tax them, because that would cross databases, and we can't dig them out of the woodwork.  I propose a universal OHIP surcharge of $50, with an instant rebate, if you have a vaccination on the ohip database.

There is no violation of privacy, and everybody is used to renewing the ohip card online.  Make this a big thing that your card is invalid, until this is paid.  Put it as a ticket on your driver's license, same database.

Do not cross the census, or income tax database.  That's horrible.  Do not conduct a witchhunt for these people.  They come into the hospital unvaxxed, then they pay.  Again, make it a ticket.  Put them in jail for health-care obstructive protests.  Pay to get out, along with the regular fine.

Omicron is the final vaccination for everybody.  You do it the hard way or the easy way.

ps.  Dear Vax-Wackies, nobody reads me, so it's not worth it to send death threats.

pps.  I apologize that since they won't release any numbers, I made all this up.  

more:  In fact, everything I've ever said is all made up, because they won't do the Scientific Method, and the in-field physics experiments that might challenge 'beliefs'.  La de da.


brent said...

Show the proof

brent said...

I thought that was funny

Harold Asmis said...

That's good, I totally believe you. Forget I said anything.

brent said...

Believe me. I didn't give you any fact. I asked for some proof.

Harold Asmis said...

You're a wonderful person.

Harold Asmis said...

Anyway, they won't release the numbers, so I made it all up, as I always do. I never let anybody get away with data-misering. Why are they holding back? I'll make up that reason, as well. They don't want a war in the streets, when it comes out that waxxy-vaxxy movement is costing the province a hundred million dollars. That babies are dying, or no vital surgeries. I made that up, as well. In fact, every single thing in all this has to be made up.