Monday, January 17, 2022

A bit of snow


Still snowing heavily in Toronto.  I have to dig out the snowshoes, but I think the shed is snowed in.

ps. and Toronto gets a perfect Atlantic curl, which I've never seen recently.  It's an Ottawa and Montreal thing, and that's why they get horrendous snow.



pps.  This is quite an interesting 5-day video.  The first clairslide gave us that cold air and no snow.  It blew away the first tropical plume.  Then came the 'chewy' clipper with a plume leading it.  That curled the next plume, because the leading edge is warm, low pressure.  The cold portion has yet to hit us.

The weather don't read the total energy.  They use 'high and low' maps and linear extrapolation for projections.  Sad.

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