Saturday, January 15, 2022

Powerful clairslide moves through Toronto to New York


I have found that when it is so powerful, it can continue to move to Florida.  

Cold is the absence of heat energy, and that is a difficult concept for nasa.  Greenland is now a very bright -60, and I haven't seen that for years.  Our clairslide is backed with -50.  The Great Lakes are still providing a big of a drag, but that means the lakes are giving up the last of the heat.  A clairslide consumes all the heat energy as it goes along, and eventually dies.

nasa puts as much 'media weight' on a little spot of heat in the Rockies, as all the cold all winter.  We will continue to have little hotspots in the summer, it's like my dog's scratchy hotspots.  But the world temperatures are going down.

I suspect that this cold blob will show that the natgas storage can't supply fast enough for the US.  We've been through worse in Canada.

ps.  and the guard can be counted on.

pps.  you can see that the remaining ocean tropical heat energy is visiting the S. Hemisphere.  Lots of stories to come.

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