Thursday, January 6, 2022

Arctic ice volume now out of band


This is the only ice volume chart left, now that the Danes have crumbled, under Greta-glare.  These Piomas guys have a nice obscure way of showing things so the press doesn't pick it up.  If you drew a line from 2010, you'd say the ice volume was increasing.  By showing as they do, they can emphatically state that the ice volume continues to go down from 1980, and the phillies will leave them alone.

Sea ice maps have the northern islands almost encased.  Should Svalbard become encased, then I will declare 'Little Ice Age Day', to be celebrated by burning a lump of coal.  Greta will frown.

ps. I'm now down to 9 readers from 15.  I hope the covid isn't getting them.

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