Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Linux - playing Stadia

 Stadia is Goog's online gaming system.  It is perfect for old people who don't want to get too much into hardware.  However, they market it to super-gamers and it is doomed to fail.  All those guys want to brag about hardware, and use cheat codes.  For old people, it's great because there is no possibility of cheating.

I got the cheapest ps4 controller I could find.  I have a Linux media machine, and this works through Chrome.  


You can order it here, but you need a media machine.  I doubt that a cheap Android box can do it, but maybe, since Stadia is meant for phones.  I had a 20 year old xbox 360 controller, but that was garbage compared to this.

For old people, playing Destiny 2 for free on Stadia is wonderful.  Maybe I'll pay for 4k one day, but the standard 1080p is good enough.  Stadia is horrible in that you pay for the service, and then pay for the fancy games.  They have totally free stuff, though, to suck you in.

It took me a year to get used to the controller, and doing 2 things at once.  That must stave off the alzies for us old people.  I highly recommend it.  I can only play for about 30 minutes at a time, and then my back seizes up.  I'll have to try it with cannabis, to see if it is better.  You seize up because you are all tense.

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