Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Ridiculous Inflation

 You can't buy large items right now.  I was looking at a new cooktop, and they are twice as expensive as a year ago.  So, buy small items to repair expensive things.  This is the new 70's.  Governments are slow to raise interest rates, and Canada will do exactly what the US does.

Just got this.

My link is here.


I used to use the Ammie little html window, but it doesn't work any more.  Buying through the link gives me a nickel which I never collect because I don't get enough money for them to bother.  

This sharpener is the best thing I ever had for scissors and knives.  I don't know if you have this problem, but a very tiny minority of the opposite sex (minority, ha!) like to use the good kitchen knives on plates.  If you examine the edge (if you dare), you see all the splotches.  Then, you suffer from complaints that the knives are no good.  Blah.  

This sharpener uses carbide to take out the big defects in 3 draws.  Then a few draws on the ceramic side, and the sharpening is complete.  All ready for plates.  I yell a lot 'AHHH, don't cut on plates!'  but this little thing is more effective.

And don't get me started on what is cut with kitchen shears, and sewing scissors.  They have a carbide blade for that, and it works.

ps.  to be non-sexist, the millennial son dulls the knives, gouges the cooktop, and breaks ceramic knives, which is why we don't use them any more.

pps.  and the perfect mini-media computer is twice as expensive.


Harold Asmis said...

From Missy Super-woke. Dear horrible person. You use that arrogant physics, and are a sexist pig for implying that we women aren't excellent at FB knife-throwing.

Dear Miss Attywoods, I have a female consultant for these things, and she has let me down. All she says is 'Woof', which always translates as 'Give me food.'. I'm going to use her as a scape-dog, for not using 'scientific rigour'. What's that? Hey, stop biting me! Have a treat!

Harold Asmis said...

Whoops, just discovered that she really is a Tronto Stare editor.