Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Omicron has no symptoms


Neato.  When the Quebec scape-goat said he was resigning because of a lack of 'scientific rigour' I nearly laughed coffee out my nose.  There is no rigour, only group-think, defined by the consensus of doctors who want power.  

"Recent comments about the credibility of our opinions and our scientific rigour are undoubtedly causing some erosion of public support," Arruda wrote in his resignation letter.

All recent science is mob 'instinct'.  However, let's just say it's only covid.

I wrote articles on how this evolves.  The virus only succeeds with reproduction, and it is best to drop the animal proteins, and go 'stealth mode'.  That should have been predicted and planned for.  Now, from South Africa we have that omi causes almost nothing, and 31% are secret spreaders, as opposed to 1% fpr the original.  My articles on its evolution have proven to be right.  One omi person will infect a whole giant room, through the eyes.  I would postulate that 90% of vaxed omis have only a sniffle or better.  Those rapid tests are useless with omi, Every person I know has tested negative.

In a world with 'scientific rigour' we would have open restaurants which would be closed anyway, because everybody is sick with colds and flu.  We wouldn't have doctors spreading anxiety for power.  All covid efforts would shut down, but where's the money in that?  Don't forget that people who are getting money and power will work ten times harder than those who just chill.

I am now assigning a cost of 1 trillion dollars to this 'Grand Stupidity'.  That's a few trillion short of nasa-causing clange.  The next version of covid (pi?) will have no symptoms and still be used for power.  If you doubt it is a power-play, just look how they are not releasing the appropriate numbers for hospitals, such as vax status and variants.  That would show something.  However, if they don't release the numbers, we can make them up -- ill antis - 100%, vaccinated - 100% old variants.  

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