Sunday, January 23, 2022

The physics of conventional invasion


This is fun.  The cbc headline includes a huger header yelling 'No Evidence'.  They like the courtroom drama thing, and they tend to hug the left.

Newtonian Physics is the study of forces and the reaction to them.  Nobody does this any more, except me.  As I started this, I want to go into the physics of invasion, but I realized that everybody who is whooping this up, would be mad at me.  Also, I am invisible.

Maybe tomorrow.

ps.  injecting rationality into this, is a death sentence


ps.  ok, when Germany was compliant, and the US weak, P slid into west ukran and Crimie without a shot.  He just used the separatist proxies and 'civilians'.  He could shoot down all the airliners he wanted, without a care in the world.  It was his happy place.

Then came the war between Arm and Az.  Arm was a P proxy with all the same soldiers and arms.  They were expected to roll over Az.  Whoops!  Thousands of turk drone swarms had a say in that.  They mopped the floor with Arm.  Now came the fun.

pps.  so in a swoop, all the P artillery and tanks and soldiers were cast to the garbage bin.  The US went 'Crap, get us drones, and the whole US drone industry went to that.  I bought a cheap Chinese drone.'  P could only order Aliexpress drones.  His economy was shattered.  Then came covid and the sputty vaccine that was useless.  The people would rather have vodka than that crap.  At least the Chinese weren't any better.  Omi is probably killing one in 10 soldiers and we won't know.

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