Monday, January 17, 2022

New ocean currents chart confirms North Atlantic and Pacific action

 Okay, the currents are the fundamental 'heat pipe' of the world.  Nearly all the heat is absorbed at the equator and spread around.  If we didn't have ocean currents, or temperatures would be severely banded, like Jupiter.

I write this private journal for future physics people.  I pressed the magic button so that nobody can see it.  My readership is statistically not different from zero, when I have the button on.  That I may be incompetent with the button is not my issue.

The ocean current in the N. Atlantic is truly weird.  I record the currents over the years, because nobody else does.  That would be physics, and that is forbidden by the phillies.  When I see a current pattern I worry that there aren't enough Argo floats in the area, but this looks good.

The Pacific current has totally disintegrated.

Again, the phillies will just wave a hand and call it 'La Nina' with no precise definition or mechanism.  Just one of those things.  I suspect that this cold will be with us for a long time.

A lot of heat is going to the S. Hemi, but they aren't that warm, according to the charts.  There is just a general lack of heat energy.  My hypothesis has the involvement of special mechanisms, but no physics will be done in my lifetime.  Perhaps, later generations will open my secret diaries.

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