Sunday, January 2, 2022

All northern tropical plumes weaken to nothing


We are plunging into a feasible situation where all the North Hemi tropical plumes stop.  That's 40 below for everybody.  If not this year, then next.  

The warmish zone around Hudson Bay is leaving us.  Greenland is finally showing 60 below.  The main Arctic is still a 'tropical' -30.  

Europe is showing a ragged plume under attack by cold air.  They should soon be joining us in the deep freeze.  I think we shall enjoy the first hemi-wide freeze without a tropical volcano to blame.

Predictions for the New Year - 2022

Covid - the current evolution is enough to sink covid into the normal disease noise.  However, super-sensitive modern tests will allow it to be in the news for the whole year.

Weather - no ocean breezes mean a super-hot June, ensuring that the phillies can eat for another year.

Earthquakes - they should come back this year, simply because we wouldn't know what to do with ourselves.

Housing - prices in the dumps, but the cost of carrying will increase.  No great bargains, nobody will buy.  Who buys bittycoin on the dip?

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