Sunday, January 23, 2022

A new thing -- a continuous clipper slide

 The ocean plumes have given us a nice gift - a happy slide of pure coldness.

Once again, I'll say this has never happened, but I'm the only one who has kept a record, so the statement is meaningless.

The slide is being enjoyed by the -50 air angels.

They are having so much fun, whooshing down.  They might not be appreciated when they pile on New York City.  The slide looks to be entrenched.

If you are a betting type, then natgas is starting another zoom, but this time it will higher when they realize that storage isn't enough for the degree-days coming up.

Of course, you couldn't have heard that here, because I'm invisible.  If some nasty commenter does the 'you're not invisible' trick to the naked man in the street, then it just zings right by me.

The 'Slide of the Ice Angels' mean no trains for Ottawa, and the weather forecast is out a bit.  Check your pipes, Toronto will hit 30 below, and Huntsville 40 below.  This was the winter camping temperature of my youth, so get out there and camp!

For Europe, they are enjoying the trashed plumes from North America.

Not much heat energy in the garbage, but they believe it will be warm.

ps.  I haven't seen the fed weather people dragging out 'prancing horses of the polar vortex', or the 'kinky dancers of the jet stream'  Are they just giving up?

pps.  the 3 day forecast is lower by the minute.

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